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Missed BTC? Join MiniBTC!
✅ Doxxed DEV
✅ Audited and verified contract, KYC by Pinksale
✅ Charity focused Tokenomics to orphans, children with disabilities and health problems.
✅ NFT/DEX/Charity/Forum/
✅ $MBSW is the technical token of our project to launch a full scale dex. Amazing tokenomics - which will allow us to achieve very big successes

Cryptocurrencies are transforming the financial marketplace and are projected to unfold exponentially in a few years. MINIBTC network development team understands the potential of blockchain and the defi application in the modern world.
MINIBTC Network is launched as a prototype for automated market makers (AMMs), a type of exchange where anyone can pool assets into shared market-making strategies. Users will be able to store their crypto in a secure crypto wallet and swap any token in an instant with a minimum transaction fee using the same platform.
MINIBTC Network will serve as critical infrastructure for decentralized finance, empowering developers, traders, and liquidity providers to participate in a secure
and robust financial marketplace. Our aim is to build protocols, infrastructure, and user-facing products for the future of finance.
$MBSW is a hyper-deflationary utility token for the upcoming MINIBTC Defi Application platform. Investors, holders and traders can feel safe with increased security measures in our technology. Additionally, a limited supply of the coin and constant burn results in high demand of tokens ensuring a high value of MBSW utility token.

MINIBTC utilizes the native $MBSW token through delegated Proof-of-Stake and settlement for transaction fees. $MBSW token is based on the Binance blockchain.

Users will be required to stake MBSW tokens to earn the rewards or use tokens for crypto swaps and settlements.
$MINIBTC L2 provides a low-fee, high-speed platform for trading, swapping, and storing digital assets. The token initially enables traders to announce their availability and also functions as a way for contributors to participate in governance and development.
$MBSW is the gateway to joining and contributing to the MINIBTC community. MINIBTC curates a peer-to-peer network for trading digital assets: a novel design that protects traders from counter party risk, price slippage, and front running. Any market participant can discover others and trade directly peer-to-peer using a combination of web protocols and smart contracts.

With every transaction $MBSW, there will be BUY/SELL tax
Development 1% +Marketing 2% +Moonshot Mechanizm 1% +Liquidity 2%
Development 1% +Marketing 2% +Moonshot Mechanizm 2% +Liquidity 3%
(the tax for Development, marketing & Moonshot Mechanizm received in BNB)


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