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We are distributing our tokens to as many participants as possible because we genuinely care about further development. We know there’s a huge risk of the whale dumping and dropping the price of the token in an instant. So we won't be supplying a high number of tokens in the market unless the genuine demand pressure arises. We care about our community, holders, and investors' fund.
Clarity is an important part of this process. So, we have made the following allocations to let our investors and holders know how tokens tend to be distributed.
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TimelinePercent %Supply
Presale35%7 350 000 000 000 $MBSW
Liquidity20%4 200 000 000 000 $MBSW
Staking & Farming rewards20%4 200 000 000 000 $MBSW
Community Events7%1 470 000 000 000 $MBSW
Team & Development
10%2 100 000 000 000 $MBSW
Marketing5%1 050 000 000 000 $MBSW
Burn3%630 000 000 000 $MBSW
Total Supply100%21 000 000 000 000 $MBSW

We have a total supply of 21 Trillion $MBSW Tokens.
35% of the tokens are sold to investors during the Private Sale, Vip Sale, and Crowd Sale ICO. This amounts to about 7 350 000 000 000 $MBSW tokens. We hope to distribute our tokens to people all across the world.
20% of the tokens will be added for liquidity on Pancakeswap. This amounts to about 4 200 000 000 000 $MBSW tokens. - LP tokens will be locked for 3 years.
20% of the tokens will be used as rewards in staking and farming. This amount to about 4 200 000 000 000 $MBSW.
10 % of the tokens are reserved for the team & Development. This amounts to about 2 100 000 000 000 $MBSW . 3,33 % of the tokens will only be distributed to the team each month. - 30 Months vesting lock. We are making a Crypto swap & NFT Marketplace which is explained in our Roadmap.
7%, or 1 470 000 000 000 $MBSW tokens, are distributed to developers and will be used for future airdrops and promotions. - 1-year vesting lock
5%, or 1 050 000 000 000 $MBSW tokens, are distributed for Marketing. This will be Social Media, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing. This will help us grow our community and maximize profits for our investors and holders.
3%, or 630 000 000 000 $MBSW tokens, will burned before start

With every transaction, there will be BUY/SELL tax

Development 1% +Marketing 2% +Moonshot Mechanizm 1% +Liquidity 2%
Development 1% +Marketing 2% +Moonshot Mechanizm 2% +Liquidity 3%
(the tax for Development, marketing & Moonshot Mechanizm received in BNB)
This will be executed once we launch own mainnet

How does the Moonshot mechanism work?
At each dip in price, we will redeem $MBSW & $MiniBTC coins for the amount that has been collected on the wallet and immediately burn the purchased coins
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