Telegram virus and Binance fake. How tokens are stolen from cryptoinvestors


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Attackers are coming up with new ways to steal digital assets using increasingly serious tools.

Recently, several new cases of fraud in the crypto space have become known, with the help of which attackers can take over the digital assets of other users.

Telegram virus

DeFi protocol administrator Immunefi said on Twitter that attackers have begun actively spreading a new virus on Telegram. The malicious file is distributed in crypto chats. The danger is that most Telegram users have the autoload option enabled by default. Therefore, the user may not even be aware of what the virus has downloaded.

A spokesman for the Immunefi protocol advised disabling the autoload function of the messenger to protect your device from unauthorized access.

The virus file may be named "Smokes night". The malicious object does not need to be launched and gains access to the device immediately upon boot. The virus can take over control of the device and take screenshots of the screen.

Binance fake website

One of the Telegram users described another fraudulent scheme, with the help of which attackers tried to take over his account on the Binance crypto exchange. According to the victim, while working with the trading platform, his browser suddenly closed. After restarting, the user tried to log into the account using two-factor authentication, but the system gave an error several times.

The crypto investor guessed that he was not on the website of the crypto exchange, and not on its fake version, but the original URL of the trading platform was displayed in the browser address bar.

After that, the user contacted technical support from another device. Binance confirmed that an attempt was made to cancel two-factor authentication on a user's account, but it was not completed. For the safety of assets, the cryptoinvestor blocked the withdrawal of funds from his account for a day. Later, the victim discovered that his computer was infected with a virus.
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