Over 70,000 ‘bears’ get liquidated for $270 million as Bitcoin shoots by 10%


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Following Bitcoin’s (BTC) worst start to a year since the crypto winter of 2018, the flagship digital currency is showing signs of revival.

Notably, the leading digital assets price has increased from $33,000 at the end of January to over $41,000 as of February 5 as some analysts predicted that certain market indicators were exhibiting signs of an upside reversal, with historical data also projecting a return in excess of $40,000.

The previous 24 hours have resulted in 72,700 traders liquidated from the market, meaning a total liquidation of $270.8 million across all cryptocurrencies as per real-time liquidations of all exchanges and currencies on Coinglass.

In particular, the largest amount of liquidations occurred with BTC for $106.36 million, while Ethereum was second with $69.98 million total liquidations.

Bitcoins climbs above $41,000​

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