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The topic of the Metaverse continues to burn. Today (1/19), LINE will hold the sixth annual Taiwanese developer conference “LINE TAIWAN TECHPULSE 2022” online, officially announcing that the LINE ecosystem will enter the Metaverse era in 2022, and publicize the NFTs of the Metaverse. The development plan and the first wave of online services of the trading platform “DOSI” are predicted to be launched in the first quarter of this year.

Following the release of the NFT Market platform in Japan in June last year, LINE officially stated that the DOSI platform created by LINE’s blockchain and NFT subsidiary LINE NEXT supports 8 languages and will be available in 180 countries around the world in the first quarter of this year. online. The etymology of the DOSI name comes from the Korean word “city”, which symbolizes that creators, companies and fans around the world can create a virtual economic circle on the DOSI platform by themselves.


LINE announced its entry into the Metaverse, launching the DOSI platform that allows global companies, creators and fans to create virtual economic circles and build NFT branded stores. The platform was officially launched in the first quarter of this year.

In addition, international companies and creators can also easily build NFT brand stores and global communities on the platform, and can obtain NFT production and global marketing support projects. In addition, through the NFT dedicated wallet, ordinary users can use credit cards, digital payments, or various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and LINK to conduct transactions and participate in community activities.


LINE Global NFT Market’s DOSI platform, the first wave of online services is expected to include: DOSI Store, DOSI Wallet and DOSI Support.

It is expected that the three major services to be launched in the first wave of the DOSI platform will include: DOSI Store, DOSI Wallet and DOSI Support. Among them, DOSI Store provides corporate brands with templates or APIs to quickly create their own NFT brand market and freely mint NFTs. DOSI Wallet is integrated with the community platform, and users can use it to participate in various activities of the Metaverse. In the first quarter, credit card payment will be given priority; DOSI Support is supported by LINE’s technical and marketing teams, providing technical and product services for business owners , to help business owners optimize the planning and operation of their NFT stores.

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