IDO, IPO, ICO marathon. Be careful.


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How do crooks operate?

Fraudsters gain access to groups in the Telegram with a large number of active audiences and themes about the crypt. They either buy this group or they develop it from the beginning, whatever. Buying ads and running traffic on their Scam-Channel.

They make a post in such a group about the start of the Marathon on IDO, IPO, ICO... That with a $10,000 start-up budget, they’ll try to make $1,000,000 and cover every one of their deals.
They support these posts with the words of charity, that half of the money earned will be sent to the accounts of orphanages etc.

In the meantime, they also create coins on PancakeSwap on a BSC smart contract that blocks the sale of tokens.

They announce that they are receiving confidential information about a super-coin that is lobbied by binans or another major exchange, that it will be sealed almost anywhere.

They post videos of how they buy the coin and emphasize that IDO coins are very small and need to buy more. In fact, it’s their own coin, with a blocked sale, a binance, and any other exchange has nothing to do with it.

The audience begins to compulsively buy up this coin, investing all their money, thereby pamping it. In fact, they were told by the group that Binance had officially confirmed the listing of the coin, and even posted a banner confirming the listing of Photoshopped binans, promising huge X’s and 100% success.


All official information about upcoming listings on Binance is posted here: Official Binance Group.

After that, the crooks take all the liquidity. The price drops to zero. Edit past links with graphics on another coin, so that the huge red candle is not thrown on the eyes of the new potential «investors» and make reports about receiving information about the new «x» coin. And it starts all over again.


Take care of your money. Always check the information that is presented to you in such a graphic way. And never go into the crypt with all your savings.
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